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Make the Living Lab Markers experience

A tool to qualify and evaluate collective innovation processes with an approach focused on users and uses.

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The Tool

The Living Lab Markers are a tool to qualify and evaluate collective innovation processes with a user-centered approach.


This tool is for anyone who has an idea and wants to implement it with a Living Lab methodology. It allows to

  • Implement a participatory and user-centered project and carry out a continuous evaluation of the specificities of the methodology throughout the project.

  • Evaluate a project already underway, and make it evolve to integrate a Living Lab approach.

  • Facilitate the definition of an action plan for the implementation of a Living Lab approach.

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The Living Lab methodology

The projects or actions carried out with a Living Lab methodology have the objective of developing solutions, innovations, whether they are products, services, tools, processes, best practices, etc.


Applying a Living Lab methodology generally requires going through several stages of solution development:

  • Exploration of needs

  • Co-creation of the solution

  • Prototyping the solution

  • Testing the solution

  • Deployment and dissemination of the solution


What also makes the Living Lab approach original is the iterative nature of the process, the plurality of actors, stakeholders mobilized according to the stages and the central place of users (a place that requires distinguishing them from other stakeholders), and the desire to strengthen the capacity to act of those involved and concerned.


The Living Lab markers characterize the methodology for each of its singularities.


The WeLL (Wallonia e-health Living Lab) and the SGL (Smart Gastronomy Lab) are two Living Labs created in 2015 by the Walloon Region with the aim of boosting the e-health sector and the food and gastronomy sector.

These 2 Living Labs wanted to have an evaluation system composed of indicators that reflect the qualitative aspects related to the "how", i.e. the way the Living Lab methodology is implemented within the projects. It is within this framework that the Godin Institute, in association with the AISBL Academy of Management, was chosen to co-construct with these two Living Labs a set of markers highlighting their method of collective construction of projects.

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